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Standart TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Dosya No AB-0781-T
Akreditasyon Tarihi 16.04.2015
Instrument Transformers Temperature-rise Test
Power-frequency voltage withstand tests on primary terminals
Partial Discharge Measurement
Power-frequency voltage withstand tests on Secondary Terminals and Between Sections
Inter-turn Overvoltage Test
Test for Accuracy
Verification of Markings
Wet Test for Outdoor Type Transformers
Instrument Transformers
Special Tests
Measurement of Capacitance and Dielectric Dissipation Factor
Current Transformers
Additional Tests
Determination of Secondary Winding Resistance
Determination of Secondary Loop Time Constant
Test for rated knee point e.m.f and exiting current at rated knee point e.m.f
Routine Test for Composite Error
Insulated Bushings (Also including bushings for Air Insulated Systems, Oil Insulated Systems ) Dry power-frequency voltage withstand tests
Dry or wet power-frequency voltage withstand tests
Measurement of partial discharge
Temperature-rise Test
Verification of thermal short-time current withstand
Cantilever load withstand test
Visual inspection and dimensional check
Post Insulators (Also including Insulators with Capacitive Dividers for Voltage Indicator Systems) Dry power-frequency withstand voltage test
Partial discharge extinction voltage test
Mechanical failing load test
Test for deflection under load at normal ambient temperature conditions
Test for mechanical bending strength as a function of temperature
Water absorption test
Temperature cycle test
Verification of dimensions

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